Why Us?


  • We believe in building a relationship, so we actually understand what you’re about!
  • We want to know what you’re passionate about, and if you don’t know, we can help you find out!
  • We focus on solutions that solve YOUR problems, not ours!
  • We like cute cubs too 🙂

We provide Solutions – not just answers!

We know, that probably sounds like a typical line, but we live by our name. Solution Resolution’s sole aim is to find solutions to those problems that keep you up at night, and more importantly, the issues that sneak up and bite you from behind.

We work with you to understand your business, your needs and your issues, so we can resolve the areas of your business that need work, while considering all the components of your organisation. We find solutions in:

  • Information Technology that actually works for your business
  • Website development & Online marketing
  • Training & eLearning
  • Telecommunication solutions
  • Retail presentation
  • Accounting solutions
  • Cloud solutions
  • Energy solutions
  • Export Controls & Environmental consultancy

Lets face it, in todays age we’re constantly bombarded from our digital world with integrations, notifications, email, online shops, spam, digital communications, search engines, viruses, social media, webinars, cyber attacks, bits, bytes and the cloud. Technology is now an essential component of nearly all business. We therefore focus primarily on your technology solutions. HOWEVER, we do this within context of your business, your goals and your strategy – of course if you’re missing these components, then we may need to look at those first :).

For example, research suggests that 90% of internet users use search engines (eg. Google) when looking for services or products and 50% look for a specific location. That means if you do not have a website that is properly developed, you may not even be reaching up to 50% of potential customers.

We recognise that many small businesses do not have the resources to invest in an expensive website. We therefore have developed a solution that is affordable and appropriate for a small business.

Our solutions will be customised based on your needs and your budget – like we said, we provide solutions, not just answers!